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When you are ready to work toward recovery, Recovery Housing of Maine is here for you. Our addiction recovery center helps people overcome addiction and return to their lives with a fresh perspective. With our help, you can finally regain control over the trajectory of your life.

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What makes Recovery Housing of Maine right for you?

Our program is set up for men transitioning from long-term substance use rehabilitation and incarceration. As they continue their recovery, caseworkers and counselors can put them in touch with our recovery programs. We are fully certified through the Maine Alliance of Recovery Residences, and we have three halfway homes available.

Return to your community after spending time in a recovery home

It can be difficult leaving your rehabilitation program behind and becoming active in your community again. Our returning citizen recovery center can help you get back on your feet again. By participating in our returning citizen recreation program, you can connect with others and find the encouragement you need.

That's just one of the programs we offer. Our full services include:

Hosting halfway homes for substance use recovery

Offering recovery coaching to help people form healthy habits

Presenting self-help trainings

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