this program gave me hope and strength when I first got to this house I was a wreck but jermey has made it so it is so comfortable and homey feeling and he really gives you the time to take care of your self and focus on your true plane this program save my life and I highly recommend it to anyone struggling with either mental health problems or drug addiction I owe this guy my life and I will be.forever greatfull

Joshua Lizotte

Jeremy and his staff are doing a great job providing treatment and support for those suffering SUD in a community that badly needs these services. The REST Center, a gift to the community is just one example. I call upon all of us to support these efforts in anyway possible.

Ronald Springel

The very first day I came here I had really good feelings I knew from the time they picked me up it was gonna be a great place so far I've been here since the 9th of andjuly I am very greateful and happy I'm here...so thank you very much for the chance to be here...this program offers so much if those that want the help such as getting your life together such as case management,schooling,driver's lisense.
The people that work here will go above and beyond to help u...I love it here

Peter Stevens