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Stay at our halfway home in Auburn, ME

You'll be impressed by the compassionate and effective services we provide at Recovery Housing of Maine. Our halfway homes for substance use treatment help those struggling with addiction to overcome the challenges in front of them. We have three total houses for residents: one Level 3 recovery home and two Level 2 recovery homes.

There's no time frame for moving out. You'll be able to stay until you're ready to leave. After about two months in the first house, you'll typically move to a less restricted home for about four residents rather than ten.

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Bridge the gap between rehab and home

A halfway home helps you return to your community with confidence and comfort. It can be difficult going directly from a rehabilitation program back to an apartment building full of people smoking and drinking. By staying at a halfway home for returning citizens, you'll have an easier time adjusting.

At a halfway home, you'll have access to:

  • Mentoring
  • Regular meetings
  • Community involvement
  • Activities
  • Team support

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