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Recovery Housing of Maine
House Guidelines

In order to provide a safe and productive environment Recovery Housing of Maine has to operate within guidelines. They are the following.

1. During phase 1 there will be a 9:00 pm curfew and there will not be any overnight visits.

2. During phase 2 curfew will be at 11:00 pm and over nights will be available with a 7 day notice and approval from house manager.

3. Each resident will be provided with a lock box for each bedroom. Resident will have a key as well as the house manager. Each resident is personally responsible for the lock box.

6. All personal medication will be stored in the lock box.

7. Resident will not be in possession of substances that are not prescribed to them. This includes cannabis.

8. If cannabis is in common areas, if it is causing an odor in the house, or otherwise effecting the safety of the house. The person in possession or causing the problem will be asked to leave the house. This is with or without a medical card.

9. All residents must use the board to check in and out of the house.

10. All residents must attend the appropriate number of meetings per their phase requirements.
a.Phase 1 = 5 meetings a week
b.Phase 2-4 = 3 meetings a week.

11. All visitors must be approved through the House Manager. Visitors must have a positive influence on recovery. Names of these visitors will be noted in the resident files.

13. All visitors must stay in the common area of the home.

14. All residents must attend the house meeting unless excused by the house manager.

15. Each resident will be assigned an area to store their food and other items.

16. Washer and Dryers are located in each house please be respectful of resources when using the machines.

17. Please be respectful of the use of the showers and bathroom.

18. Any threats of violence, racial or hateful language will be immediate dismissal from the home.

19. If there on going police contact you will be asked to leave the home.

20. If there is any selling, bartering for or of medication or substances you will be asked to leave the home. This includes prescribed medication and cannabis.

21. Smoking will be done outside the home. Please dispose of your cigarette buts not in the yard. Smoking in the house could be grounds for dismissal from the house.

22. Each resident will be given a code to the lock box that contains the key on the porch to unlock the home. This will be changed by the house manager when a resident leaves and will be redistributed to each of the residents.

23. If you bring any clothing, material, furniture etc it has to be approved by the house manager and inspected for anything that would be detrimental to the house.

24. If you bring in a personal air conditioner, TV, or any other electronic device there will be a 25$ a month service fee added to your rent.

25. No weapons will be allowed in the home.

26. Weekly chores for the house will be assigned each Sunday night by the house manager on a rotating basis. If you do not participate in cleaning the house you may be asked to leave the house.

27. Every resident is responsible for the cleanliness of the the home.

28. Residents maybe asked to leave for any one of these reasons. Recovery Housing of Maine reserves the right to terminate the recovery residence agreement at anytime.

29. If you are asked to leave the house and you can not bring your personal effects with you they will be pack by the house manager and you can call the house manager to schedule a time to collect your belongings. We will store your possessions for 7 days and then they will be destroyed or donated to the Goodwill.

30. If any resident feels that they are being discriminated against for any reason please approach the House Manager. Please contact

31. All residents will download the OneStep app on their mobile device and follow the instructions.